The Planet

A mercenary spaceship ferrying a convict is attacked by a horde of unidentified fighter craft. Forced to abandon their crippled ship the survivors land on "The Planet".

They soon discover that they are not alone. As they battle to survive they begin to fall prey to a malevolent force: a force that turns the souls of their fallen comrades against them. Forming a rescue plan the survivors race to carry it out while they still can.

Unknown to the team the prisoner is also on the planet and his presence there could change the universe, as they know it, forever...


The Planet was the first feature length production by Stirton Productions. Written, directed and edited by Mark Stirton, produced by Michael Grant Clark and Kerwin Robertson.

It stars WFF Mr. Universe 2005-2006, Mike Mitchell (Freight, Apocalypse Z) and Scottish comedian and presenter Patrick Wight, with co-stars Scott Ironside and Steve Campbell (The White Room, Captain Phillips).

The movie spent over two years in production, due to the pure amount of digital effects and animation work – due to the production team, new to any digital work, learning the process as they went on. The dvd of the movie contains a “making of” documentary which explains the hazards many first time film makers will encounter – and how to deal with them.

"The Planet" appeared at many festivals in its year of release and was awarded the title of "Highly Commended" at the Festival of Fantastic Films, in Manchester. The movie was later acquired by Cut Entertainment Inc. and released on dvd in the US and Japan, and a digital download in Europe and the UK.

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Year of production (completion): 2006

Running time:: 71 Minutes

Budget (self funded):: £4200.00

Location:: Aberdeenshire, Scotland. UK

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